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Assisted living

If you're looking to boost the self-sufficiency of either yourself or a loved one, supported living is a great solution. Our supported living services are tailored to help individuals with learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, and mental health challenges lead fulfilling, independent lives with exceptional support.

Our supported living services cater to a wide range of unique needs.

When you choose to join our supported living services, you'll have the opportunity to secure your own living space, each with its individual lease agreement. The decision to live independently or with others is entirely in your hands.

We offer a variety of accommodation options, including houses, apartments, and fully customised living arrangements available for rent. In certain homes, assistive technology services are at your disposal to help you or your loved ones master essential daily life skills.

These services are designed for your convenience and can be tailored to your unique needs, ranging from a few hours of support per day to 24/7 care. Your access to this support and care is flexible, adapting to your needs for as long as you require it. Your comfort and choice are our top priorities.

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Learning disabilites

 If you don't want to live in a facility that provides residential care, but you also have trouble managing day-to-day responsibilities, this service is the ideal solution for you.


You'll be given your own living space, as well as the option to live by yourself or share your living space with other people. 

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At Total Healthcare, we've developed a personalised strategy aimed at empowering individuals with autism to improve their functional abilities and life quality. We believe in collaboration, involving people with autism, their families, and healthcare professionals to ensure a tailored and effective approach.

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Mental health needs

We understand that mental health is a universal concern, and it's a fundamental aspect we address in all our programs to serve those in need.


Our specialised mental health services are designed to provide support to individuals diagnosed with conditions like anxiety, panic disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, and personality disorders. Your well-being is at the heart of what we do.

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Physical disabilities

If you or a loved one has physical limitations of all kinds, both temporary or permanent, inherited or acquired, we can help support your daily living and improve your wellbeing. 

We have extensive experience with a range of disabilities, from spinal cord injuries to multiple sclerosis.


Download our brochure today to learn more

In our brochure, we set out to answer your questions about all things supported living - from exploring who we aim to support, and what our support services include. 

Learn more about our full support services here:

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Plans designed to cater to each and every need!

If you're looking for a personalised care and support plan over which you have complete control, look no further than our dedicated support plans.

That's because our support programmes adhere to the standards set by the Department of Health-approved 'Outcomes Star Model.' The result? complete commitment to:

  • Managing one’s mental health

  • Enhancing living abilities

  • Creating and sustaining social ties

  • Developing self-reliance

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